“…everything has a narrative, really, and if you can’t understand a story and relate to it, figure out how you fit inside it, you’re not really alive at all.”

— Catherynne M. Valente, Silently and Very Fast

I’m a reader, technical editor and aspiring fiction editor. When not reading, I am most likely procrastinating, watching TV, cat-wrangling, or knitting, in that order.

Here can be found book reviews, primarily of the fantasy, science fiction, and YA variety. They are likely to be lengthy. I enjoy exploring why it is I liked or disliked any given book, poking and prodding into the whys and wherefores of how it was written. My favorite things in fiction are characters I’d be willing to fight to the death for and the interplay between said characters and the world in which they live. I am also a sucker for stories about stories and narratives. My preferences, likes, and dislikes regarding writing and storytelling are my own, and I try to take those into account when reviewing any book. I also aim for half of my reviews to be on books by written by people of color and Indigenous authors.

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