So I haven’t posted a review in a couple of weeks – some of that’s to do with general burnout and a lot of it’s to do with (take one guess) the motherfucking election results.

I was already considering taking the rest of the year off from reviewing books, and now I am definitely planning to do so. This next month and a half will be all about finding pleasure in reading and giving my brain a way to take a temporary break from obsessively refreshing every social media site ever for the latest bit of terribleness.

I’ll be back on December 31st with a post on my favorite reads of 2016, and am planning to pick up regular reviewing again in 2017.

In the meantime, how about that apocalypse? Looks like it’s gonna be a bad one.

(But seriously, fight it. Fight it with everything you can. I know I will.)

Where am I?

Still here among the living. I’ve been dealing with some health issues and starting a new job while dealing with said health issues. All that means my time and energy for blogging has been minimal. I have a review halfway written for Roses and Rot, and I really want to write a review for Rise. Aside from those two, I’m going to give myself a moratorium on writing reviews for any books I’ve read up to now and haven’t reviewed (and possibly for the book I’m currently reading.)

Hopefully everything will resolve itself soon and I’ll be back in fighting shape. Until then.

Giving Myself Permission

I am hereby giving myself permission to not write reviews of all the books I read in December. I am also giving myself permission to not feel bad about not doing so.

I have one more review drafted for a book I read last month that I wrote a few weeks ago while visiting my parents, and I’m going to post it later this week. Otherwise, I’m going to start off 2016 with a clean slate. New books, new reviews.